A Brief Overview Of The Most Popular Essay Types

It is true that an essay can be written on any topic. However, there are commonly used essay types for all these various topics. Students who familiarize themselves with these different types will find themselves more prepared for writing assignments they must complete. Here, you will learn about the different types and how they affect your essay outline. You can also find online help to write essays when needed, whether you need a push in the right direction or want someone to complete the essay for you.

Expository (Explanatory) Writing

Expository writing involves a great deal of research. It deeply explores a topic and is often considered a short-form writing assignment that prepares students for in-depth research papers they will complete later in their school career. As students complete research, they will evaluate their findings and develop their opinion about it.

Persuasive (Argumentative) Writing

Persuasive pieces of writing present the writer’s opinion to the reader. Then, extensive research in the form of factual data, quotations, and comparisons is used to sway the reader toward the writer’s opinion. Credibility is essential in persuasive writing, since the reader must believe your claims for your writing to be effective.

Analytical Essays

Students writing analytical pieces of work will break a subject down into parts for analysis. Students will critically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their chosen subject and identify themes throughout the subject. For example, someone completing an analytical work on a book may identify a theme through a book. Then, they would evaluate how well the author presented this theme throughout. This technique can also be applied to works of art, lengthy bills, and other documents.

Narrative Writing

A narrative essay is one of the few times when a student will use the pronoun ‘I’ in academic writing. This is because narrative writing tells a story, usually from the writer’s viewpoint. Something students should keep in mind is that narrative writing should contain a theme that is present throughout. This will unify the work. Also, narrative writing does not have to be especially significant. While it can describe a life-changing or memorable event, it can also describe dull day-to-day life.

Compare and Contrast Essays

These writing assignments usually compare 2 or 3 things that are similar, but different. For example, a good paper may describe the similarities and differences between online retail and brick-and-mortar stores or between two animals that are in a related species. The key to a successful essay of this type is choosing the right subjects for comparison. You do not want to write this type of assignment on a topic like the differences between an apple and a pencil, for example, because they are too unrelated.

Cause and Effect Writing

This type of assignment can be written two different ways. The first way is to identify one cause in the introductory paragraph and then explain three effects related to this cause. The second way to write this assignment is to identify the three different cause and describe the effect that has come about. The essential elements include why something happened or how it came about and what followed as a result.

By studying the most popular types of essay, you can prepare yourself for almost any writing assignment. Remember to find an essay example online when needed.