What is an Argument?

An argument is an exchange of differing views and opinions based on factual evidences and reason. This means that reason and facts are two very necessary component that should be kept in mind while on is writing or presenting an argument. One cannot just say or mention anything just for the sake for the argument; it has to be things that are well-grounded factually and logically.

Lack of reason bares one to a fusillade of criticism and mockery. Factual incorrectness can also be harmful as in cases of serious topics, one can radically affect the opinion of the audience.

Argumentative Essay Format

Any essay, be it argumentative or descriptive or instructive or contemplative, whatever, must have a proper structure. By which one means: an interesting introduction, an insightful body and a brief conclusion. Besides these, the distinctive features of argumentative essay structure are constituted by the four basic parts of – claims, counter claims, reasons and facts and evidence.

The claim constitutes the main argument. The counter claim(s) refers to those that are in opposition to one’s claim and the reasons establish the claim based on facts. These four make up the main component of the essay, the body.

Importance of Argumentative Essays

Nowadays, schools colleges need to test how well a particular aspect or aspects are taking effect in this world, their impacts, what opinions the students forms of such occurrences? Obviously there will be an array of opinions; each people are bound to have a different opinion. But among some of the popular opinions which ones are more valid? These questions are what argumentative essays are built to target. The writer’s task to express how one opinion topples over the other in terms of facts based on reason.

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