Coming Up With Simple But Interesting Essay Topics

The best essay topics are interesting to the reader, but simple to write. However, coming up with the perfect topic to fit these specifications can be difficult. Check out these simple but interesting essay topic ideas. Also, keep in mind that you can browse online for writing help, whether you need topic ideas for your essay or an essay writer to do the work for you.

Topics for an Essay About Yourself

  1. Choose a personal flaw about yourself. Describe why you consider it a flaw and if you would change it if you could and why.
  2. Describe a hard lesson that you have learned and how it has helped shape you as a person.
  3. Consider a cause that is close to your heart. If you created a charity for that cause, what would it be? Why do you think the issue needs attention?
  4. Think about stressful events you have been through. Is there any specific one you would change and why? What would happen as a result of this change?
  5. Choose a country you would like to live in. Describe the differences in day-to-day life between your chosen country and the one you live in.

Topics for an Essay About Family

  1. Consider a time when a family member disappointed you. How did it feel and did you learn anything as a result?
  2. Think about life 100 years ago. Explore how your family dynamic would change if your household existed then. Would your mother or father have a different role? What about your siblings?
  3. Describe a family vacation that meant a lot to you. Describe it and explain why it is so special. Do you think family bonding is important?
  4. Think of a time when you were proud of one of your family members. What was their accomplishment? Do you think it is important for family members to support each other’s successes?
  5. Consider a family disagreement. What was the argument and its significance and how did it impact family life afterward?

Topics for an Essay on My School

  1. Consider something hurtful that has been said by another student or a teacher. How did it affect you?
  2. Research some of the current bills that would affect schools. Do you agree with them and why or why not? Is there any specific bill that concerns you the most?
  3. Write about a teacher that has inspired you. How did they do so?
  4. Describe how you have made some of your closest friends in school. Do you think schooling is important for children to be socialized?
  5. Consider a school regulation that you have an issue with. Why do you think it should be changed and what effect would the change have? Why do you think the regulation is in place?

The above ideas should help you come up with topics for your writing assignment, either by choosing one of them or by using them for inspiration.