How To Compose An Argumentative Essay Outline

Argumentative essays are an excellent way for a student to enhance and work on his reasoning abilities, deliberative skills and logical faculties. Even formulation of strong arguments is an essential life skill that you can pick up while trying your hand at these essays. This is why schools and colleges across the world are now encouraging their students to start practising these essays.

There is a certain skill that one must have in order to properly frame the outline of an argumentative essay. However, if the protocols and guidelines required to do so is taught, the student might find it exceedingly easy to write such essays.

Relevance of the outline

An argumentative essay outline is very essential to the process of actually writing the essay. The thing about this specific kind of essay is that one needs to conduct sufficient research in order to actually be able to frame the essay.

This is why one must start by preparing the outline which sort of functions as a temporary skeletal structure of the essay. The student can use it as a foundation stone to base his essay on and the final essay is woven around this initial outline only, which is why it is essential for the outline to be good for the essay to be good.

How to frame the outline

The steps needed to be followed in order to emerge a master in the field of argumentative essay writing are as follows:

  • First and foremost, you need to choose a topic on which to write. Make sure that this is something that has not frequently and exhaustively been written on before.
  • Second, choose a side to support, i.e., whether you want to go for or against the argument. This needs to be done wisely as your entire essay will be dedicated to furthering this opinion.
  • For the research, you need to look into the basic facts, history, context, relevance and the latest information and analysis of the same.
  • Remember, the more scientific you can make your essay, the better chances you have of scoring well.

Format of the essay

The argumentative essay format remains more or less the same as the format of an average essay. However, the content undergoes a massive change. The content in this kind of essay becomes much more scientific and analytical. The student must remember that the essay from the introduction to the conclusion is a step-by-step build-up to establishing the writer’s stance as the logically sound one.

The title of the essay also plays a vital role in setting the tone. Make sure that it is impactful and not too artistic. Make it short, precise and hard-hitting. The vocabulary should also be technical and not too ornamental or generic.

Some general guidelines

An excellent way to enrich the content of your essay is by including statistical or mathematical data and facts. This lends the aura of scientific rationality to the essay and helps establish your stance as a practically plausible one. However, while doing this, you need to make sure that the data is accurate and up-to-date, otherwise, the whole purpose is defeated. Also, cite the data very briefly so that it is verifiable.