How to Avoid Silly Mistakes with Essay Format

Teachers grade essays in several categories, even awarding points for the formatting. The good news is that you can create the proper essay format in minutes if you know what you are doing. This makes formatting points ones that are easy to earn. Follow the above tips to make knowing how to format your essay significantly easier.

  • Hire an Essay Editor
  • Even the best students make mistakes from time to time. To ensure the highest quality, students should hire someone to review their work. As you search for essay help , be sure to mention the formatting requirements. You can even hire writing help to do the formatting for your essay, or even complete the entire assignment for you. This is the most worry-free choice if you choose a service you can trust.

  • Know Which Format Style is Expected
  • There are many essay types and while most will be written in more lenient MLA-style, some will require the in-text citations and formatting of APA-style writing. The first step in avoiding mistakes is to know what you are doing. If it is not specified in the assignment requirements, ask your teacher ahead of time.

  • Use a Writing Style Template
  • The guidelines for writing style are universal. This means that if you are assigned MLA- or APA-style specifically, you may be able to find a writing template online. This template makes formatting easy, since it will have the proper margins and spacing for your essay. If you do choose this route, be sure your source comes from a reliable source and check it over for accuracy before downloading. Some good places to check include libraries, writing style websites, and university websites.

  • Make a Checklist of Requirements
  • One of the reasons that students lose points on formatting is because they forget one of the guidelines that should be followed. They may forget to set the margins or use the wrong title for their Works Cited/Reference page. Small mistakes such as these can affect points, as well as your overall grade. Instead of worrying about whether you met all the right requirements, create a checklist. Use an authoritative site or ask your teacher about specific guidelines that must be followed. Then, go over the entire list once after you have created the rough draft for your paper.

  • Reference an Authoritative Writing Style Source
  • The best place to find quality writing style guidelines is through an authoritative source. Public and educational library websites, college websites, and other educational websites are generally good sources. If you ever have doubts with the information you are finding, cross reference it with another source. If more than one website has the same information, it is more likely that it is true.

  • Ask for Help
  • Students are sometimes nervous about asking for help, especially when they feel they should know the material. However, you will likely find the people around you are interested in giving you a quality education. Ask an older sibling or your parents, your professor, a classmate, or even a librarian. You are likely to find someone is willing to help.

The above techniques will help you format your paper for any essay prompts you may be assigned. Keep these in mind to get easy points for formatting on your next writing assignment.