Writing A Strong Argumentative Essay Conclusion

Writing A Strong Argumentative Essay Conclusion

The beauty of argumentative essays lies in the fact that they are an excellent platform to voice your opinions on a particular topic that you feel strongly about. They serve as an essential mouth-piece for students, allowing them to exercise their mental reasoning abilities and honing their argumentative and debating skills.

The introduction and conclusion of essays, although the two most important portions, are the ones that are generally the most neglected. Students wrongly thing that these portions of the essay do not matter much and hence do not conduct sufficient research or give much thought to the formulation of the conclusion.

Relevance of the conclusion

The reason why the concluding paragraph of an essay is so important is because it helps sum up the points enlisted throughout the essay and substantiate them. This is especially true in the case of argumentative essay conclusion. In the course of reading all the arguments that have been mentioned throughout the essay, the reader might lose sight of all of them. The conclusion exists to remind the reader as to how and why the author’s stance has been proven either right or wrong.

This is why students should make sure that enough resourceful information has been incorporated into the conclusion of the essay.

What to write in the conclusion

Perhaps the most essential and invaluable when it comes to argumentative essay tips is to treat the conclusion as just another paragraph of the body of the essay. In doing so, all baseless biases against the conclusion is effectively one away with and the student proceeds to make the conclusion just as impactful as the paragraphs preceding it. However, make sure to pay attention to the ending of the paragraph. Since, the conclusion wraps up the essay, it should allow the end to be gradual instead of making the essay end on an abrupt note.

How to list the arguments in the conclusion

The student needs to follow certain guidelines while drafting the conclusion of the essay, and they are as follows:

  • Go through the entire essay once and make a mental note of the main headlining argumentative points that you have mentioned throughout your essay.
  • Do away with the explanation of these points and just work with the main arguments.
  • Now arrange them in such a manner in the conclusion so that the progression seems gradual and natural.
  • You don’t need to mention all the points. Just the ones you deem absolutely necessary and the ones that you feel will help encapsulate the essence of the essay should be present in the conclusion.

Do not be repetitive

Every great argumentative essay writer will tell you never to repeat any material and that includes the concluding paragraph. You need to mention the points that you have previously enumerated upon, not repeat them. In other words, you need to establish the link between them in the conclusion and show how they result in proving your stance the correct one.

Also, the student must pay heed to the language and style with which the essay is written. No flowery language or unnecessary ornamentation is usually tolerated. Therefore, keep the language curt and the essay, in general, scientific. This will improve your scores, as well.