A List Of Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

In the 21st century, debates and discussions have become of prime importance, not just in the field of the arts. It is considered to be vital for the process of sustaining social order and improving combative tactics for a number of social evils. This is why students, the citizens of tomorrow, are being encouraged to learn the essential skill of being able to formulate argumentative essays.

To write such an essay, one must be aware of the topics that one can write on as well as the general guidelines that need to be followed to craft a perfect essay with flawless logic.

What to write on

Students can write an argumentative essay on any field as they please, because there is scope of deliberation in each. Here is a concise list of some such topics:

  • Politics: The U.S. and its role as moral guardian in the Middle East, Neo-Nazism vs. Terrorism in the first world countries, the first world nations’ pacifist stand in matters of Syria, should the Vietnam War ever have happened.
  • Sociology: Man’s gregarious nature, science as a boon or a bane, the effects of denying climate change in a technological era, whether the rising middle class is a sign of hope or that of capitalism taking over.
  • Economics: capitalism vs socialism, open market vs. closed market in the colonies, whether colonisers owe colonised countries economic compensations.

How to research for content

The content for argumentative essay topics is a bit different from those of ordinary ones. For such kinds of essays, you need to do a bit more research than usual. First and foremost, settle on a side of the argument that you want to proceed with and then do the research necessary to illustrate and strengthen your point of view. The next step is to find information that supports the opposing view and find ways to combat these points, because only then will your essay be watertight and fool proof.

How to put forward the argument

The student needs to proceed in accordance with certain protocols while penning down his opinions on an argumentative essay. The first rule of doing so is never to empathise with the opinions of the opposing side. The point of the essay is to completely eliminate all other possibilities except the one being championed in the essay.

The student should begin by citing the main arguments that might convince the teacher of his opinion and then go on to list all the other possible opinions and proceed to show why they are not as plausible as his own.

The general outline

The universal argumentative essay template starts with the title of the essay which needs to be to-the-point and hard-hitting. It should also be self-explanatory enough to allow the reader a glimpse into what he might be expecting. The introduction needs to set the pace of the essay, the body deal with all the relevant facts and the conclusion should comprise a general summing up of the entire essay.

The student should try as much as possible to fill the essay with valuable informative material instead of general facts and dragging out sentences to elongate the length. The more content-rich the essay, the more marks it will fetch.